The Churchworthy Platform

Churchworthy is an online discipleship platform for churches to engage their congregation in a modern way. It offers attendance insights, automated engagement monitoring and notifications, advanced reporting, and custom discipleship tracks.

Graph of retention and engagement

Engage Your Church

An active, engaged congregation leads to higher church attendance, longer retention, and healthier relationships with God.

Graph of retention and engagement

Don't Just Track Your Church
Disciple Them!

Churchworthy doesn't overwhelm you with impersonal data, but gives you people-oriented, actionable insights into your congregation.

Graph of retention and engagement

Report on Service & Event Attendance

Automatically generate reports and send them to your district or other leadership.

Graph of retention and engagement

Turn your events into a public-facing church calendar.

Churchworthy Pricing

Free Now, Free Always

We are committed to building high-quality tools that provide tangible value to churches of all size. Part of that mission means providing the core of the Churchworthy platform, free of all cost. Later we will charge a reasonable amount for additional features, but we promise that any feature provided free now, will remain free for the duration of the platform.

Free Always


Manage basic church member profiles
Create repeating services and one-time events
Check-in members to all your events
Basic service & member reporting
Group members for easier communication and reporting
Generate a church calendar from your services & events

Extended Features

coming soon!

Automated church member recommendations based on their activity level
Create custom volunteer, leadership, & discipleship tracks
Mobile app for your church member for instant check-in, communication, and more
Send texts and emails from right inside Churchworthy
Add custom member profile fields to track additional information & notes

Churchworthy is currently in beta testing mode. Join the list to receive a discount when we go into production mode.

A platform for all churches...

Small Churches
Large Churches
All Churches

Small Churches

  • Eliminate finicky and confusing spreadsheets.
  • Delegate tasks to leadership in your church.
  • Lift the spiritual responsibility of the church off the shoulders of the pastor alone.

Large Churches

  • Spend less time administering and more time leading.
  • Ease communication with individual, group, and congregational messaging.
  • Establish clear, repeatable indoctrination procedures so no one slips through the cracks.
  • Improve the safety of your kid's ministry with digital checkin, approved checkout, and parent messaging.
  • Use concentric discipleship groups to guide the spiritual health of your congregation.

All Churches

  • Cultivate a spirit of discipleship with small groups and discipleship tracks.
  • Continually develop church volunteers and staff into worthy leaders who take ownership within the church.
  • Engage your congregants on Sunday, and throughout the week.


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Advanced Reporting

Coming soon!