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Balloons are a great alternative to traditional game balls when you're working in smaller spaces or with younger children. While balloon volleyball is a softer and gentler version of the real thing, it's no less intense when you have competitive children!

This game works best in smaller spaces. Setup a "net" using any objects available. Chairs or benches are often the easiest and closest at hand. Split your teams between the two sides, trying to keep them even based on age and competitive level. Then let the balloons fly!

This is a great one to get junior leaders involved with. Just ensure that they don't completely take over the game and let the children play too.

We usually play 1 or 2 versions of the game depending on the group of kids we have.

  1. Try to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible. Count 1 point every time the balloon crosses the net. This is a fun collaborative version of the game that can teach teamwork.
  2. Volleyball "lite". Each team is trying to get the balloon to hit the floor on the opposite team's side. You can implement a hit limit rule if you'd like - maximum 3 or 5 hits on one side before it must cross the net. Since it's a balloon it's a little harder to control this, especially if you have younger children who don't fully understand the game.

If you have a larger or an older group, slowly introduce more balloons to make the game more challenging.

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