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A wild and rowdy youth group favorite! This high energy game is a the spiritual successor to the classic Red Rover, now with even more potential for scraped shins and bruised ribs. Don't play this on a hard surface!

  1. Place a large, empty garbage can in the middle of the play area. If no trash can is available, any large object that won't hurt a player when they slam into it should work.
  2. Everyone gathers in a circle around the garbage can and joins hands.
  3. If playing with a group larger than 20-25 people it is best to break into multiple circles.
  4. All the players now try to yank others into touching the garbage can while avoiding it themselves! Anyone who touches it is out.
  5. If a player loses grip on their neighbor's hand, both people are out.
  6. It's good to call a short timeout any time someone gets out so they can safely leave the course and everyone else can catch their breath.

You can add a little more excitement to the game by using stacks of toiler paper rolls in the center instead of a garbage can. This makes it easier to determine when someone is out.

Turn it into a fun Summer game by using a kiddie pool filled with water in the center!

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