Another classic minute 2 win it game, this time involving fire and water guns. Kids will have a blast!

Light a candle and set it at the end of a long table. The tall, taper style candles work best, but if you are using a large, powerful water gun you might need a stockier candle that won't get knocked over with the force of the water.

Have a filled water gun at the other end of the table.

Choose a kid and have them line up and hold the water gun. If possible play classic Western gun fight music. When you say "draw!" they must shoot the candle with the water gun until it goes out.

You can time the children to have a minute 2 win it style game, or split them up into groups and have multiple shooting ranges setup to make it a race.

If needed set some towels or a plastic tarp up around the table. Unless you're using massive Super Soakers the area should not get too wet.

Smaller single hand water guns with only a finger trigger can work, but you'll need smaller candles and a shorter table. Mid-sized pump actions will work the best for this game.

Game Details