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This simple icebreaker game plays great with new groups, or with particularly creative and silly kids who will take a liking to doing funny voices.

Pick 1 guesser to start. Blindfold them, or face them against a wall so they cannot see the rest of the children. The other kids in the room must keep quiet.

Pick another child, and have them stand directly behind the guesser. They then must say, "Guess who it is!"

They should not yell in the guesser's ear! They can use silly voices to try to mask themselves. Some younger children find it difficult to come up with a silly voice on their own, so before beginning the game you might give them some simple examples and let them test them out. Lower your voice to a deep tone, make it really high pitched, talk quickly like a chipmunk, or super slow motion.

The guesser gets 1 guess. If they get it wrong, the other person says "Guess again!"

Whether they guess right or wrong, we usually stop after the second or sometimes the third guess depending on the group size, then we move on to another guessee.

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