This hysterical competition has its roots in youth camps, but it plays well as a Minute 2 Win It race. Wrap your friends or leaders up in a blanket like a burrito!

Split the children into teams. You must have 1 large blanket or large, soft carpet for each group. Set the groups up near a starting line, and have a finish line designated for them.

Each team will have 1 person that will be burritoed. This should generally be an older kid or a junior leader, and you should ensure they are not claustrophobic before they get bound up in a blanket.

The person being burrited will lay down on one edge of their blanket or carpet with only their head sticking out. Instruct the children to not cover their head.

When the "go" signal is given, the kids must roll the person up in the blanket. When they're completely rolled up, they must carefully but quickly drag or carry them to the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line and unroll the burrito wins.

Instruct the kids how to gently and carefully get their burritoed person to the finish line. Assign leaders to help them if you are dealing with mostly younger children. Be sure not to bounce their head on the floor or any objects. So long as their entire body stays wrapped up tightly they should avoid any rug burns from being dragged.

Game Details