This is a wonderful game that helps children to learn a Bible verse, while encouraging teamwork and collaboration. It makes an excellent object lesson!

Divide a memory verse into separate words or sections and write them on an index card.

(This is most fun if each word of the memory verse is written on its own card, but you must have enough kids for that.)

Then tape a card to each kid's forehead without letting him or her see what word it is. Instruct the kids not to tell anyone what word is on their forehead.

Without help from one another, they must figure out what word is on their own head.

Then have them line up in proper order word-for-word (again without help).

When done, have them do the activity again, but with help from one another. The point is that it is easier for us to reach our goals (to live like Christ) with the help of our friends and loved ones.

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