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An active twist on a classic childhood game! We've incorporated rock-paper-scissors into several of our games, but this is one of the best we've come across.

  1. Lay out the hula hoops in a line. They don't have to be perfectly straight - it's more fun if they zig-zag - but there should be only one clear path through them. Each hula hoop should be within hopping distance of the one before and after it.
  2. Split the kids into two teams and have them lineup on opposite sides of the path.
  3. When you say "GO!" the first player on each team must begin hopping through the hula hoops toward the other side.
  4. When players meet in a hula hoop they must have a rock paper scissors showdown to determine who continues on.
  5. The losing player exits the path and goes to the end of their line, and their next teammate in line immediately begins hopping through the path. It's important that the children are watching their teammate and jump in as soon as the battle is lost so they can prevent the other team from moving as much as possible!
  6. When one player reaches the other side, pause the game and give that team a point.
  7. After points are scored, play continues.

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