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A fun variation on dodge ball! This game can be played with only 1 soft foam ball, making it a fun alternative to a large dodge ball game. It's every man for himself, and since players are never fully out, they don't get bored sitting on the sidelines.

  1. Everyone stands in the middle with a hand on the ball.
  2. The leader shouts, "scatter!" and all the players run off.
  3. The ball is then tossed into the air.
  4. From here out, dodge ball rules apply. Try to chuck the ball at a player. If they are hit, they're out. If they catch it, you are out.
  5. The player holding the ball can take a maximum of 2 steps. If they step further than that they must drop the ball and go out.
  6. When a player goes out, they simply sit down where they are at. They can still snag balls that are roll to them on the ground, allowing them to rejoin the game.
  7. Last person standing wins.

Throw in more than 1 ball for larger groups.

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