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A fun game of lies! Three contestants are trying to convince the rest of the group that they are what they say they are, but only 1 is sworn to tell the truth. Based off the popular game show but made into a party style game.

  1. Choose three contestants. These should be older kids, or leaders, that are quick-witted and able to spin a good story.
  2. Choose an attribute that only applies to 1 of the contestants, or a story of something that happened to them that most people don't know. The weirder the better! This will make the game more fun and engaging, and illicit many silly questions. Some ideas and suggestions are below.
  3. This contestant is now sworn to telling the truth. The other 2 contestants can take a few minutes to find out details about the attribute or event so that they can convince the rest of the crowd that they are telling the truth.
  4. Tell the crowd about the event and introduce the contestants one by one using a game "announcer."
  5. The rest of the crowd participates in asking each contestant a question to try to figure out which one is telling the truth. If working with a small group, you can pick 3-4 kids to be the question askers. Otherwise split them up into teams that come up with questions.
  6. Each question asker or group goes through and asks questions about the contestants and the chosen event. There is a lot of room to improvise here, but generally try to allow each one to ask 1-2 questions, so that each contestant is answering 2-3 questions.
  7. After the questions are asked, each kid or group gets to guess which person is telling the truth.
  8. The announcer then says, "will the real [attribute] please stand up?" The contestants can make a show of standing or sitting to make it more dramatic.

Suggests for attributes or events that make for a good story:

  • a favorite fictional character
  • a trip to Disney world
  • a popular food that one of the contestants hates
  • a unique hobby that they participate in
  • an award that they won at school

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