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A raucous party game for larger groups of all ages. This simple game lets kids do one of their favorite things ever: be as loud and unruly as they possibly can!

  1. Print out a word list and cut up each word. The words are in groups of three of a kind - three objects that go together. For example, lion, tiger, and jaguar are all 3 big cats.
  2. Mix up the words in a large bowl or a bucket.
  3. Let each kid pick a word, but not look at it yet.
  4. After everyone has their word, they all go to a big open area. We like to call, "mix it up!" and let them move around and jumble together for 30 seconds or so.
  5. When everyone is ready, yell "go!" to start the game. They can then look at their word.
  6. Their goal is to shout out their word as loudly as they can, and try to find their partners.
  7. They don't automatically know what the theme is - so they are trying to listen to what everyone else is shouting out to find who could be their partners.
  8. Once three of a kind have found each other, they have to run to a designated leader and say in unison, "we are three of a kind!"
  9. Don't stop after the first team is finished! Let the game continue until all groups have been found.

This game works best with really large groups of kids that are 8+ years old. Younger kids tend to get swallowed up in the chaos, but you can separate the younger guys into a smaller group to let them have their own game. With kids under 8 you could still have fun with as few as 9 people.

Lion Tiger Jaguar
Peanut Almond Walnut
Red Blue Green
Mario Luigi Toadstool
Shirt Pants Shoes
Circle Square Triangle
Pizza Pasta Hamburger
Cucumber Celery Carrot
Necklace Bracelet Ring
Jacket Coat Hoodie
Football Baseball Soccer
Canada Mexico Spain
Cat Dog Fish
Xbox Playstation Switch
Dr. Pepper Coke Root Beer
Mansion Castle Palace
McDonalds Burger King Chick-Fil-A
Math Science Social Studies
Neice Nephew Cousin
Summer Winter Spring
Captain America Thor Iron Man
Jealous Angry Happy
Toy Story Finding Nemo Frozen
Venus Jupiter Pluto
Rose Lily Daisy

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